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3 Facts About the Female Car Buyer

Automakers serious about long-term success need to adapt their marketing and customer experience strategies to the values and preferences of female consumers. Are car companies missing an opportunity among female consumers? Recent data suggests they are: according to separate studies by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and the National Automobile Dealers Association, while female drivers now outnumber their male counterparts (105.7 million to 104.3 million), men represent 91% of salespeople at franchised car dealerships. No matter how you want to look at it, that's a serious disconnect - especially...

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3 Reasons Why Dealerships Need to Pop the Hood on The Sales Process

In American culture, the car dealership is almost as ubiquitous as the automobile itself. Its place in society is even established in state franchising laws across the country (something that Tesla and others are working hard to change). There's no doubt that dealers continue to play a starring role in the American auto industry. But rapidly changing consumer expectations - largely driven by new technology - are challenging the traditional car sales model like never before. Recognizing and responding to the following realities may mean the difference between...

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