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Sep 17 2015

Ads Shall Not Pass: Ad Blocking From All Angles

  $50.7 billion. That is how much was spent on digital advertising in 2014.  While $19 million was spent on mobile advertising, digital display ads accounted for $22.2 billion. In a world where concerns of shrinking ad revenue in traditional media are rampant, digital advertising has been hailed as a saving grace, particularly for publishers. But what happens when that saving grace is faced with its own form of kryptonite? Enter ad blockers. While not a new technology by any means, these electronic gatekeepers’ growing prevalence among mainstream consumers is raising warning...

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Consumer Trust Declining, Advertisers Must Look Beyond Data Alone

In an interesting interview posted in advance of Cannes, Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder and CEO of WPP, elaborated on the "Mad Men vs. Math Men" dynamic affecting the field of advertising today. Asked directly "What is the role of creativity in the increasingly data-driven advertising industry," Sorrell said something interesting:"There's about three quarters of our business in digital media planning and buying and data - so of our 18 billion projected, 19 billion in revenues for this year, three quarters of it is stuff that Don Draper in the '60s...

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