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First Adventure of 2016: CES!

First Adventure of 2016: CES!


For many people, the first week back to work after the holidays can be a bummer. A return to the workplace means a return to morning commutes, long days, and no more sleeping in. However, for some, including the BCN team, the first week in January brought a new adventure. Last week several members of our team had the opportunity to attend CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas. For anyone who is not sure what CES is, it is an enormous collection of the most cutting edge and intriguing technology. The show features not only products that are on the market today, but those expected to be released and some that are still in the prototype phase. To imagine big screens, lots of cool TVs, and nice cameras would only be scratching the surface of what you will find at CES. The BCN team was on a mission to not only enjoy the spectacle, but discover new technologies we can utilize for our clients and new ways to use existing technologies.

Virtual reality was a key theme at CES this year, with the lines for OculusRift’s and Samsung’s VR Gear experiences snaking their way down a large portion of the concourse. As a whole, the vast Samsung area was quite impressive, featuring modular custom built TVs, home appliances, and interactive displays intended to wow. Health and fitness was also largely showcased, with the latest tracking devices highlighting a large collection of devices designed to help keep us healthy and motivated. Another highlight was Intel’s RealSense facial recognition technology which was both awesome and slightly intimidating. By stepping up to the display you allowed a computer to scan your face and project it onto the face of a 20 ft human form. An engaging party trick, but also a technology with big implications for immersive events.

With so much to cover, we asked the team what their favorite part of CES was. Their answers were as varied as the technology on display.

Sean’s Pick – “My favorite part of CES has a personal application. The GYENNO utensils are designed to help consumers with hand tremors more easily serve themselves by counteracting the utensil’s movement caused by tremors. As I have a family member who deals with this on a daily basis, I was excited to see technology that could make his life easier.”



Larry’s Pick- “My favorite item featured at CES was the 360 HD Camera by Theta  I think the applications for this in experiential events are exciting. I also think that it can be coupled with the new 360 capabilities of YouTube to create more engaging content for social campaigns.”


Phil’s Pick –“My favorite items were Samsung’s Mirror Displays, Keen Home, and the Drones (obviously). The Mirror Displays give a whole new level of interactivity in spaces where you normally wouldn’t expect to see digital content. The clarity and fidelity of the images were amazing. Keen home allows you to regulate temp in your house room by room, which is a real game-changer when you live in the frigid tundra of Michigan. The drones enable you to fulfill your dream of being a pilot…without hours of training. Basically drones are awesome.”



Katherine’s Pick – “It is hard to pick just one favorite as CES had so many cool displays and experiences. One of my favorite displays though was the Samsung SUHD modular TV display. These models allow you to create the TV that best fits your location by grouping panels to create one screen. While the technology was cool, I was most impressed by how the Samsung team decided to display it, creating a dynamic wall that separated and regrouped the panels to show different sizes. From an experiential marketing standpoint, I thought it was one of the most eye catching displays that pulled me in to see more.



Allan’s Pick – Despite all of the fascinating products displayed at CES, the aspect I found most interesting was how each of the brands were positioning themselves in 2016.
The brand I especially noted was Polaroid. Until I saw them at CES, my only impression of the brand was that they made the camera that my great aunt used to take pictures with at family get-togethers in the 90s. But visiting their display at CES changed all that.In addition to a variety of new cameras, Polaroid was displaying smart phones and tablets. Perhaps the best thing they have done is updating the classic Polaroid camera. It is still the same camera the brand is known for, however, it also offers an array of digital options. It was interesting to see this brand take a classic camera and transform it into the digital age. Polaroid is definitely a brand I will be keeping my eye on in 2016.


Were you at CES this year? What was your favorite part?




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