3 Parts Branding, 1 Part Identity (Consistent Branding Infographic)

"Research shows that businesses with well-managed, consistent brands are worth up to 20% higher than those who aren’t" - Lucy Hunt of Brandworkz

Creating a cohesive brand message, simple right? Coming up with a website, email, and social profiles should not be that hard. But while being creative with your branding may fit the brand personality, it is important to also be consistent with your identity to ensure that you are easily found by your customers across platforms. Whenever possible, your digital identity should translate across assets. Check out the infographic below for a quick cheat sheet on consistent digital branding.

BCN Gets Muddy - Digital at the Dirty Girl Mud Run

Who’s afraid of a little mud?

Not the Branch Creative team! This summer we’re traveling the country with the Dirty Girl Mud Run and Ford as the digital experts in Jackson Dawson's Ford Mud Mode team. What’s Ford Mud Mode?  It’s the Ford Escape and Ford Explorer bringing fun photo ops, swag and the $5,000 Mud Mode Makeover sweepstakes to the Dirty Girl Nation. 

The BCN team, including our onsite Community Manager, rolled up our sleeves and jumped in the mud – capturing ALL the muddy moments on and off the course. At Dirty Girl Mud Run events across the US, runners and spectators stop by to get muddy with Ford and check out these exciting vehicles.

Digital doesn’t have to stay online; integrating a social or digital presence into live events extends the experience and strengthens the relationship between a brand and the consumer. Ford Mud Mode combines the excitement and engagement of a live event with the reach and continued contact of a digital presence.  By increasing the consumer touch points within the program, Ford becomes a larger part of the Dirty Girl Nation story and a partner in a special experience for those participating. For a brand whose product relies on being a part of the consumer’s daily life, that is a valuable position.


Do you have an event or partnership that could use a digital spark? Let us put our calculated creativity to work for you!