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How Do We Create All That Content?

How Do We Create All That Content?

It is no secret that content marketing has become one of the hottest topics in marketing with brands across industries racing to find ways to capitalize. With ever increasing competition for consumer’s attention and disposable income, the need to connect on a personal level has become an important factor in marketing strategy. Content marketing combines traditional principles of lead nurturing with a level of personalization by utilizing advanced data and sophisticated online channels and tactics for delivery. When planned and executed properly, it is both effective and cost-efficient. However, content marketing often has a major stumbling block  that most every CMO and marketing manager is familiar with:

How do we create all that content?

Great question. And there’s no getting around the fact that a great content marketing strategy requires great content – and a lot of it. At the end of the day, you, your marketing team, and/or your agency partner will need to develop and optimize content and keep it fresh for your prospects, customers, and search engines. It’s a lot of work, but you can save significant time and resources by being smart with your existing data and leveraging social media. Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Inventory Your Content — One of the most obvious but frequently overlooked steps in content marketing is inventorying available online and offline content. No matter the subject, format (e.g. white paper, brochure, video etc.), or source (e.g. online or offline), much of your existing content can likely be refreshed to fit into your new strategy. Before you start developing new content, be sure to see what’s already available. A few copy and SEO updates are far more cost-efficient than starting from scratch on a new piece of content. 

2. Do Your Research — You wouldn’t start work on a new product without understanding the market, would you? The same should be true of content marketing: in order to be effective, you have to know your audience. That means leading with market research. A small investment in research such as consumer surveys and focus groups as well as persona development can save you significant time, resources, and energy developing content tailored to each audience. This approach is perhaps even more important in content marketing than other channels given its highly personalized nature. A thorough and detailed understanding of your audience’s decision-makers and influencers can mean the difference between advancing a lead to the next step of the funnel, or losing them forever.

3. Listen to Social Channels — Especially near the top of the funnel, content marketing is all about positioning content that is most relevant and engaging to your target audience. Beyond the market research mentioned previously, there’s no better way to see at-a-glance what kind of content is resonating with your audience than monitoring their social media activity. By monitoring the social activity of your high-value customers, you can develop a better understanding of what motivates sharing and positive sentiment by your target prospects. Interests, even topics seemingly unrelated to your brand or products, can be applied in creating compelling content that drives market engagement.

No matter the industry, the ability to connect with consumers on a personalized level delivers a greater percentage of quality leads and sustainable relationships. If implemented correctly, content marketing is an effective tool for grabbing consumer’s attention and convincing them to stay and chat a while

Have any other tips for developing content? Let us hear them!

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