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Know Your Audience: Automotive Training Tips for Europe (Part 2)

Apr 14 2014

Know Your Audience: Automotive Training Tips for Europe (Part 2)

Chris Harbowy, Instructional Designer/Writer at Jackson Dawson, offers additional tips for writing automotive educational content for the European market in this continued blog post. For more information, check out Part 1 of this two-part series.

European Consumers

This second installment takes a look at the European consumers who purchase the vehicles you create training for.

Differences in the Market

Germans will pay more for a larger, more-powerful engine, whereas Italians prefer smaller, more fuel-efficient powertrains. Europeans in general prefer small station wagons much more than we do here in the U.S. In Europe, small station wagons account for up to 40% of sales.

User Choosers

A large percentage of European car sales are company cars purchased for employees. These buyers are referred to as “User Choosers”. These consumers typically are permitted to select their vehicle from a predetermined price range. If an auto company manages to make its vehicle the darling of a particular User Chooser pricing structure, it may realize a substantial sales bonanza.

Taxes and Warranty

Taxes on Displacement or Engine Power

Some countries tax vehicles by their engine size and output. The larger, more powerful the engine, the higher the tax. Because of this tax, in addition to the popularity of Diesel engines, European cars typically offer many more engine variations than their American counterparts. An example is the European Aveo, known in the states as Sonic. In the USA, the Sonic is available with two engine choices. In Europe, the Aveo has seven engine offerings.

Taxes on CO2

Because some European countries tax their vehicles on the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) they emit, each of the vehicle’s engine’s CO2 figures will need to be included in any specification charts.

Vehicle Warranties

While writing a European automotive competitive comparison, it may seem that every selling region has its own unique warranty coverage and that’s because they do.  I may be exaggerating here, but just slightly. I’ve found that vehicles sold in Great Britain typically have shorter warranty coverage than other European countries.


Chris Harbowy is an Instructional Designer/Writer at Jackson Dawson, where he creates automotive training materials.

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