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So, What Do You Do?

Mar 20 2014

So, What Do You Do?

When asked, sometimes I find it difficult to explain to friends what we do at the place where I work. It’s not that what we do is so complicated or difficult to describe; it’s that our company offers a wide range of services and the people employed here cover many diverse areas of expertise.

A company cannot stay in business for 34 years if it’s not made up of diversely talented people. No one person can take sole credit for the creative solutions that we produce. They are the result of teams of experts in their fields collaborating to produce such amazing results.

Our teams work hard every day to make it happen. Each of these teams has unique players that feed the creative process and support the overall product we produce. Over the years, we’ve struggled with how best to articulate what it is we do as a company. It’s our hope that this blog can serve the purpose of spotlighting the talented people who work hard at their craft to make our company the diverse creative agency that it is.

As time goes on you will be able to see the passion these people have as they write about trends in their field and topics of interest to their peers in the industry. We think you will find this content engaging and helpful and we hope you’ll check back often as we post new content from the various specialists that make up Jackson Dawson and it’s subsidiaries (Benmar, Pelaton, Branch Creative Network, and Transcend Creative Group).

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